July 2013 Home Sales Zip Code 36064

These were the existing Homes for Sale July 2013 for Zip Code 36064 for Pike Road and eastern Montgomery County including subdivisions Bon Terre, Woodland Creek, Bridle Brook, Avalon, Merrywood, Foxwood Providence and The Waters. How to use: Find the Price Range in which your home falls. This will show the number of active listings (your competition if you are selling), the number of homes that closed in the last 90 days, the number of homes that close on average in a month, the Percentage Closed Monthly (the likelyhood that one home will close in a month), and the Months of Inventory (how many months worth of homes to sell if no other homes come on the market). A high Months of Inventory figure indicates a chance for a better bargain for a buyer. For a personalized report, feel free to contact me.
Chart July 2013 Home Sales Zip Code 36064

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